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Healthy Snack List

Appendix 6

Use this appendix to help create a snack that will be healthy for our students (& follow federal guidelines)

Homemade Options:

  • Grapes, apples, tangerines, bananas, and pears are the perfect portable fresh fruit treat.

  • Kids always get a kick out of rabbit bags, which combine fresh fruit and vegetables in individual servings.

  • Sliced vegetables with spicy bean salsa are a fun and exciting snack!

  • Popcorn trail bags are easy.

  • Strawberry crunchies are a snack that kids can make themselves!

  • Apple butterflies (made from apple slices)

  • Fruit parfaits abide by the guidelines

Packaged Snacks:

  • 100 calorie packs are great options for certain foods. Try low-fat, whole grain crackers and whole grain pretzels. Sweets, even in 100 calorie packs, often have more than 35% of their weight as just sugar, while fried foods, like potato chips, have way more fat than is allowed. To be under 35% calories from fat food cannot have more than 35 calories of fat per 100 calories.

  • Baked tortilla chips with 100 calorie packs of guacamole dip can be fun treats.

  • Baked potato chips will meet the guidelines

  • Baked whole grain pita chips are a handy option.

  • Fill pita pockets with veggies and a little nonfat Italian dressing for a fun snack.

  • Prepared veggie and fruit trays with low-fat dips are speedy, fuss-free options.

  • For a calcium-rich option, try single-serving, sugar-free pudding cups.

  • Light, low-fat yogurt comes in cups and squeeze tubes. As long as it meets the sugar requirements, it is good to go.

  • Whole grain cereals like shredded wheat, oatmeal "O's", and Chex are great snack options without added sugar.

  • Brown rice cakes are great options. Kids can top them with nut butter and fruit.

  • Boxed raisins and other dried fruits are great.

  • Whole grain fig cookies like Fig Newtons will work.

  • Fruit cups and individual fruit serving cans packed in juice are great packaged snacks, too.

SMART SNACKS IN SCHOOL (https://foodandhealth.com/usda-school-snack-guide/)



Strawberry, apple, kiwi, pineapple, banana, oranges, grapes, mangoes...etc.



Carrots, celery, broccoli, tomatoes, cauliflower….etc. 



Applesauce Strawberry

Granola Bars


Granola Maple Brown Sugar Chewy Bar, Granola Sugar Peanut Butter Chip, Granola S'mores Bar



Breakfast  Bar Apple Delight, Strawberry Delights


General Mills

Breakfast Bar Cinn Toast Crunch 



Breakfast Bar Cocoa Puffs, Trix



Breakfast Bar Nutri Strawberry/Yogurt



Breakfast  Bar Nutri-Grn Strawberry, Raspberry, Apple


Tostitos, Doritos, 

Chips baked, popped, or reduced fat, Cheetos Snack size Cheese Crunchy Baked, Cheetos Snack size Cheese Flamin Hot, Cheetos Snack Cheese Puff Reduced fat, Cheetos Snack Hot Fantastix


Keebler, Bestmaid 

Cookie Animal Cracker, Cookie Chocolate Chip Baked, Cookie Chocolate Chip M&M,  Cookie Original Graham Elf


Cheezits, Pepperidge Farms, Nabisco, 

Whole Grain Cheezit Crackers,  Whole Grain Goldfish Crackers, Cinnamon Graham Bug Bites Crackers, Cinnamon Graham Goldfish Crackers,  Cinnamon Graham Scooby Snack Stick Crackers

Frozen Treats

Cooldaz, Blue Bunny, 

Ice Cream Bar Bomb Pop Ban Jr., Ice Cream Bar Chocolate Sound Crunch,  Ice Cream Bar Fudge, Ice Cream Bar Orange Dream, Ice Cream Bar Strawberry Sundae Crunch,  Ice Cream Vanilla- Fudge Swirl, Frozen Fruit Bar Strawberry Flavor

Fruit Snacks

General Mills 

Snack Fruit Rollup Crazy color,  Snack Fruit Scooby-Doo Shapes, Snack fruits with real fruit juices

Juice Cups


Whole Fruit Mango/Strawberry, Orange/Pineapple/Cherry


Otis Spunkmeyer

Muffin Blueberry Whole grain, Muffin Chocolate Whole Grain 

Pop Tart


Frosted Strawberry Whole Grain, Frosted Fudge Whole Grain, Frosted Cinnamon Whole Grain


Vic's, Smartfield

Cheddar White, Kettle Corn, Plain, Sea Salted Caramel, 


J&J Snack, Superpretzel, Roldgold 

Pretzel Roll Whl Wheat, Pretzel Soft Whole Grain Nug, Pretzel Soft Whole Grain Pretzel Stick Strawberry Cream Cheese Whole grain, Pretzel Twist Heartzels

Snack Bars & Snack Mixes

Kellogg, Bettycrocker, Nature Valley, Sunchip, Pirboty

Rice Krispie Cereal Bar (Chocolate, Whole Grain), Snack Bar Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Whole grain, Snack Bar Granola Chocolate Chip, Snack Bar Granola Oats & Honey, Snack Bar Granola Trail Mix, Snack Bar Granola Variety, Snack Bar Rice Krispie Chocolate chip, Snack Mix Chex Simply Cheddar, Snack Mix Chex Simply Chocolate, Snack Mix Chex Simply Strawberry-Yogurt, Snack Mix Garden Salsa, Snack Puff Cheddar Wheat



Blueberry Original, Cherry Original, Cherry Trix Triple, Mixed Berry, Raspberry Rainbow Trix, Raspberry/Peach Orig, Yogurt Strawberry/Banana Blast Trix, Strawberry Original, Strawberry Parfait Pouch, Strawberry Raspberry Greek, Strawberry/Banana, Original Vanilla Greek, Vanilla Parfait Pouch, Variety Pack of  Original Strawberry, Peach, Blueberry

DISCLAIMER: The above list includes food items listed on the “SMART SNACKS IN SCHOOL” Guidelines as stated at http://www.smarsnackinschool.com. This list is not designed to be inclusive of all the items that meet the guidelines. While we have taken extreme care in reviewing the list, but manufacturers may change the nutritional information, formulations, which can affect the nutritional content of products.